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What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU legislation that came into force on 25th May 2018 and will apply to UK organisations of all sizes.

Although GDPR introduces some new and enhanced requirements, the principles for managing data are largely unchanged from the existing EU Data Protection Directive and the UK Data Protection Act 1998

Modern technologies have changed the way we work with data, and GDPR is designed to better control the way we work with personal data today and the way we are likely to work with it in the future.

Fundamentally GDPR is good news for everyone.

Does it affect me?

If you handle and store personal data, yes!

The law applies to any entity who processes or retains information on a citizen of the E.U.

Any company that deals with EU customer or employee personal details (paper-based or digitally) must must adhere to GDPR rules for their data. Breaking these laws can mean huge fines up to €20 million. It is essential for business owners to read up on this topic to avoid being punished.

The personal details of any EU customer or employee have to be kept secure and transparently by all companies processing or controlling their data – even if you are outside of the EU!

How we can help...

Even though this is the first data protection legislation for 20 years and might seem a bit scary, GDPR is a step in the right direction for data protection which we should welcome.

Through purchasing these templates your company is taking the pro-active steps required for compliance and litigating against possible fines.

In this toolkit of templates, we will provide the tools and guidance needed for you to complete the main documents required for GDPR compliance.

What is included in the kit?

To help you on your way we have provided a simple step by step guide to the Toolkit.

The included GDPR Checklist is what you need to complete and follow carefully to help you make decisions on how to comply with GDPR.

The Processing Activities Checklist is like an inventory of what data is being processed and where and who it it being transferred to, and of course is it secure? Think of it like an eagle eye view of your data activities.

We have provided enough templates in the kit to help you on your way to GDPR compliance, which all you need to do is use alongside the checklists also included above.

For any questions, advice, support and updates, we offer private access to our dedicated Facebook Group for customers only.

Video guides available in your account area as a step by step walkthrough of how to use the templates and take you on the journey to compliance.


Toolkit Introduction

” These templates were just what we needed. As a company who handle a lot of data, and we didn’t want to pay the huge consultancy fees, we figured we could do this ourselves. These templates are actually provided by a GDPR expert – we checked! “

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